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Howdy and welcome to the world of Fred. If you don't know who Fred is, I feel sorry for you. Maybe your time here wont be wasted after all.
Read and enjoy. Or not, it's up to you.

The Critics Rave

ufo saysHe's like a smarterchild, but slightly less annoying...
White Wolf saysSort of dark..I really like it!
Zelphie sayshe's evil I tell you, evil!

Holy Wow! -> 03-15-05
Yes, I did indeed actually create content for this website. I'm sorry it took me so long to do so, but it could not be helped.
-- Nick

Yeah, Im still here -> 10-08-04
Not like I'll be writing any stories or anything. Keep hoping.
-- Nick

Not enough annoyances in your life? -> 09-03-04
Check out another derivative sound loop! Star Wars Themedcause that's what I could download quickly. this one is better.
Also, new email address.
-- Nick

Boredom strikes again -> 08-28-04
In an attempt to prove to myself that I'm not completly wasting my time by writing things, I decided to write a letter to the editor. Checked the misinformed opinion page, found someone who was wrong, and showed him up good in the local paper. I doubt you care, but at least I know not all my writings are a waste of time.
The original idiot
Pwned, second one down from the start.
Oh the irony that one of the kids he hates showed him up. This isn't a big deal, but I'm just bragging about my l33t writing skillz. Sure letters have nothing to do with short fiction, but whatever.
-- Nick

woo! -> 08-25-04
only 20 days gap this time. Anyhow, I'm in the process of hunting down new front page reviews. email them to the address below, and maybe I'll post it. Keep it to a paragraph, if you would.
-- Nick

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